2 Days Selenium Workshop at Hyderabad in January

Selenium Offline Workshop @ Hyderabad

Do you know Selenium is one of the most popular tool in Automation? Selenium has great demand in IT industry.

Learn-Automation and Toolsqa is conducting 2 days’ workshop in Hyderabad for Selenium 3.

Date- 21 and 22 January 2017- Hyderabad

The course will be conducted by Virender and Mukesh, Test Architect and Senior Test Automation engineer. Collectively, having more than 15 years of experience in the High technology IT industry.

​Course is designed for people who either want to start off with Automation testing or want to learn about Selenium WebDriver. The 2-Days Workshop will be conducted using Java as the pro-gramming language. Coding exercises and real time problem solving in the work shop will enable you to get conceptual and deep understanding of Selenium WebDriver.

You should join the course if you fall into one of the below conditions -

Have been working in manual testing and want to switch to Automation Testing

Have a basic understanding of Testing domain and Automation testing 

Have a basic understanding of one programming language and OOP concepts 

Wants to increase the chances of getting highly paid Automation testing jobs

How to Join the session

Register for the session by filling the form- Click here to fill the form

We will confirm your registration soon by sending you a confirmation email.

Bring a Laptop along when you come for the 2 Day training.

It will be nice if you start brushing up your knowledge in Core Java and OOP beforehand. This will enable you get maximum out of workshop.


What you will get after workshop

  • Selenium EBook (Worth 600 INR)
  • Complete Selenium Videos (Worth 6000 INR)
  • Weekend support (Based on availability)
  • Detailed Selenium Framework Video
  • You will be added to private groups where you can ask any query or doubt after workshop
  • Detailed Selenium Interview Questions and Answers Video

6000 INR

Topics to be covered

Are you interested to Join?