Want to Become Guest Author for Learn Automation? Let me show You How can Start

Want to contribute any article on one of the famous blog for Test Automation?

Learn-Automation has almost 3 Lakh Page view and 60 K unique visitor all over the world. This platform can provide good chance to show your skills and your knowledge to the world.

Learn-Automation is a technical community with 10000 member and more than 20000 member on social media.  I always welcome to upcoming writers who has very good knowledge on Test Automation and can help them to showcase their knowledge in front of wide audience.

Learn-Automation is online since 2013 and one of the popular blog when it comes to Selenium or Automation topics.The main goal of doing this to reach out to your audience and share your talent, and most important give something back to Automation community.

Let me share few reasons why sharing ideas or becoming guest author is Good idea

1- Learn-Automation YouTube Channel has more than 14K subscriber as of  now.

2- World Rank- 119K and India Rank 12K

3- 10000 Page View EveryDay  and many more 

It took me almost 4 year to reach this stage and that is the reason I expect any contributor/author to maintain the same level of quality post that I have build over time.

What kind of Article you can submit

1- Manual Testing

2- Automation Tools

3- Automation Concepts

4- Mobile Automation

5-  How to Guide for Test Automation

6-Tips and Tricks for Automation and list goes on

A few things to remember before submitting your guest post

1-Quality Article

Article length should be minimum 500 words and should cover complete topic in details. If it is very big article then you can create in part 1 and part 2 as well. Everyone loves quality content and if you are able to produce the same then trust me Audience will love it.

2- Images and Videos

People love images and Videos so if your article requires some images and videos then feel free to add them.

Credit- If you are taking other images and videos then please give them credit at the end of the post. Respects individual work

3- Copyright

We should respect everyone's work so please do not copy others content. You can take idea about content but you can write in your words and in your style.

4- Comments

If someone is commenting on your article then you can reply as well. This will make relationship with your readers.

How to Submit Article to Learn-Automation

Now You must have seen above guidelines so now you can submit the Article.

Send your article idea to

I will check if the same content is not published /exist in learn-automation then I will create your author profile in Blog and then You can directly Publish from Learn Automation Dashboard.

If you still have any doubt then feel free to contact me.