How to solve Element is not clickable at point in Selenium

I was very happy when I was working with Firefox on Windows, but in my organization, I came across through a requirement where I had to execute test case mainly on Chrome browser. I faced Element is not clickable at point in Selenium and I solved using different ways.

If you want to start working with chrome then check below post to see how to work with Chrome browser.

How to execute Selenium Testcase in Chrome browser

Element is not clickable at point in Selenium


I started automating test case and most of the test cases was working fine, but some of the test cases were failing due to below exception.


Element is not clickable at point in Selenium

I have seen a couple of exception while working with Selenium but this was a new exception for me so I was not sure how to solve this.

I have collected some of frequent occurring exception in Selenium, which might help you.

Different Scenario of Selenium Exception

I started debugging my test cases, tried so many hit and trial, and finally found some of the solutions so thought will share with others too.


The reason for the element is not clickable at point(x,y) exception.

Some of my observation was

  • It mostly happens in Chrome so if you are mostly working with Firefox or IE then you will not be getting this exception.
  • Chrome does not calculate the exact location of element
  • Chrome always click in the middle of Element.
  • Sometimes you will get this exception due to Sync issue also.


YouTube Video for same 


Solution that worked for me to Solve element is not clickable at point(x,y) exception

1-Updated chrome driver to latest one 2.15

2-Get the coordinate then click on the link or button

3-Try to click using Y coordinates


4-Try to click using X coordinates



Selenium has a large number of option to handle single thing in multiple ways so in case you are facing any issue feel free to reach out. Comment below for any suggestion and feedback.

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