How to Install Selenium Webdriver on windows

Hello everyone, Welcome to Automation world. Just want to tell you that you have taken the right decision to move into Automation field.The World is changing drastically and every company is moving towards Automation Testing.Today we will discuss how to Download and Install Selenium webdriver.

Before jumping to installation part just check below point and then go ahead

If you are new to Selenium then you should know some basic point about Selenium.

I have created a detailed post on  What is Automation Testing and  Selenium Introduction.

Most of you might have heard of different tools which are available in the market like QTP, Sahi, Sikuli etc so don’t about worry about it if you know any of the Automation tool then you are perfect because all tools are almost same only syntax and some UI will change.

Recently one of my friend Sonali Verma (works as a Guest Author in my blog ) has posted one article on Selenium Vs QTP.

I will recommend you to go through this article at least once so it will give you the clear idea about both Tools and Why they in demand.

Before moving to comparison between Selenium and QTP just check Introduction to QTP

Now very famous and a very interesting question like Why only Selenium why not QTP etc. so below post will help you figure out the answer.

Comparison between HP QTP and Selenium and Which tool is Best?

Above article will help you understand some general point and trust me you might face this type of question in your Interviews as well.

Now I will not take much time and let us start from Installation.

The installation will take time so take 1 cup of tea or coffee 😉  then start downloading.


Download and Install Selenium webdriver


Step 1- Set up JAVA in your local machine.

Download and Install Selenium webdriver

In below article, I have installed JAVA 7 but we have Java 8 available in the market so I will suggest you go with JAVA8 you will get some more feature that will help you in future.

Download Java 8 

Check how to setup Java in machine after downloading


Congratulation for completing the first Step because once Java is successfully installed in Machine then remaining stuff will not take much time. 🙂


Step 2- Download Eclipse, Selenium, and TestNG.


This is the little old article which I created long back so while installing you will get some new version so please go ahead and install the new version.

Here is some official link that will help you while downloading and installing

Eclipse official Site:

TestNG Official Site:

Selenium Official Site:


Now once you are familiar with all sites check out below Step to Step guide 

Setup Eclipse, Selenium and TestNG


I know you will find a couple of issues while Setting up all these things so do not worry I am here to help please comment below with your issue, I will reply ASAP.

We have our Facebook discussion group on Selenium which has 2000+member please join us and explore Selenium as much you can.

Once you are done with this then let me know(comment below) I will guide you how to more forward.

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