Proof of Concept in Automation Testing

Proof of Concept in Automation Testing

Proof of Concept in Automation Testing

How we create POC for current project/ application?

Why POC is important for Automation testing?

What is POC in Automation?


A POC stands for Proof of Concept. It is just a document or some time a demo piece of code, which describe points, and some questions/answer.

In Other words- It simply words that we have to proof that what are doing and what will be outcome of the same. Example- When we are running automation script for some testcase what will be total saving or effort you have saved via automation and so on

How we create POC for current project/ application?

While creating POC documents/dem you should be ready with some Points.

  1. What type of your application/project we are Automating?

Answer can be a web-based application or a desktop application or mobile application or some other type of application?

2. In your project, what type of testing tasks will be performed?

Answer can be smoke testing, regression testing and sometime E2E (End to End)test cases also etc.

  1. Does your company have budget for same?

Does it be willing to go in for high-end commercial tools like QTP or would it only free tools (Selenium)?

4- Identify the task which has to be done before automation?

It can be setting up the setting up your application,test data, setting the project / setup of tools etc.
After discussion of all above question, let us conclude below points

  1. Select one or two suitable tool.

Important point-If it is a commercial tool then you could probably get a trial version of the same or ask demo for paide product and if it matches with your requirement then go for it.

If it is free-ware then check the limitation of the tool and compare both tools.

  1. For each tool, create a simple automation script for desired testing tasks and compare the result, pros and cons.
  2.  When you have the automation-working fine then you can present it to your manager, lead, or client for next action. If they agree then you can adapt the same


Proof of Concept in Automation Testing

POC document is very important for companies before moving to automation like why they should move to manual to automation. What will be saving- Effort saving/ Time saving/Money saving etc. Because automation tools require kind of programming knowledge.

POC document will give result that whether we should move from Manual to Automation for the fowling project or not.

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