Different way to Scroll in Appium in Android and IOS devices.

Welcome back to Appium tutorials in this post we will discuss how to scroll in Appium.

Recently I got an application where I had to scroll down to click on that element.

I have worked on web application automation extensively so I used to do with JavaScript Executor.

If you have never used Java Script Executor then I would highly recommend to check below the article.

Java Script usage in Selenium

It helped me for Highlighting elements, Scroll into View, Scroll pages and so on.


But I become helpless when I switched to Mobile application because above methods were not working for me.


Methods for Scroll in Appium

I did some googling and found that AndroidDriver class has inbuilt method which performs scroll till the element not found.

Please check the Appium reference where you can find multiple articles on Appium

Complete Appium guide for IOS and Android


Please check below Screenshot.


First Method-

As you can see the description this will scroll until element not found with text.

Scroll in Appium



Second Method

This method also will perform scroll method but this will search for exact text for scrolling.


Scroll in Appium

Program for Scroll in Appium


This is very small article but a very helpful. Try from your side and let me know if an issue in Appium.

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