How to learn Selenium Webdriver in simple ways

When I started Selenium this was one of the most confusing questions for me like from where to start and where to end. How to learn Selenium this was also a challenge for me.

I will try to explain based on my view, which worked for me.

If you have, some thoughts or view then please let me know through comments.

Once upon a time, I was completely new to Selenium and I used to jump from one topic to another topic, which leads to confusion at the end.

I follow below step which gave me very good results.


How to learn Selenium


How to learn Selenium in one month

“First, get basic of any programming language”

 As we, all know Selenium support 7 language, which gives us the liberty to take any language and use it.

I am a big fan of Java and I use extensively with Selenium Webdriver.

Before starting should be familiar with some Basic concept of Java which includes.

Polymorphism, Inheritance, Arrays, Collection, Exception Handling, String class etc.

If you are looking for some Java Core concept  site which covers concepts in an easy manner.

Note- since Java itself a big ocean to try to cover which is required for Selenium only.


“Do some case study about tools before using them”

I will suggest do not jump directly into the designing script because it may lead to some confusion because of no idea about tools.

Try to get some knowledge about tools such as what is the history of the tool, tools flavors, who has designed, advantage, disadvantage comparison and so on.

Once you complete all these you will get the complete feel of that Selenium Webdriver.

I have created one article on Selenium Flavors you may like this.

Note- If possible try to read doc and source file also that will help you a lot to understand the implementation part.


“Take simple manual test cases and start automating them”

You should take baby steps, which will make you understand the complete flow of the script.

When I started, I took some sample application and started basic test cases like.

I created this video long back which will help you to design your first automation script.

Valid login, invalid login, registration form etc. You can also start with the same and if possible try to    automate basic manual test cases for your project itself.



“Take complex scenario and run them in all browsers”

When you are comfortable with basic scripting then take the next move and pick some complex scenario, which will include some actual end-to-end test case.

Once you complete some complex scenario then you will get that confidence which will help you in next script or in an interview as well.



“Integration with other tools”

Last but very important integration play very important role in Automation so make sure you are familiar with integration as well.

As we know, Selenium can be integrated with multiple tools such as TestNG, AutoIt, Maven, Sikuli, Jenkins and so on.

You will face lots of issues while integrating with other tools but it cannot be avoided.

Recently I posted an article on Appium which allows us to execute test on mobile devices as well.


Learning is never ending process so continue with exploring new tools along with Selenium which will keep the interest alive.


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