Complete Ultimate Appium tutorial for beginners

Every company which is testing mobile applications manually they are planning to take a step further and moving into Mobile automation. You can start mobile automation today using Appium tutorial for beginners and can start automation today itself.

If you are looking for some automation tools which you can use for mobile automation then check out the list of Automation tools for Mobile Automation


Before jumping into mobile automation I would like to share some of the points

1-  Appium installation is quite complex but once you are done with Setup then it is just like Selenium code only.

2- Appium supports all the methods which you have used in Selenium and the good part of Appium is that you don’t have to learn something new.

3- It supports Android and IOS which is making Appium popular now.

4- Appium supports Hybrid application as well it means you can Automate Web_View and Native_View.


Appium tutorial for beginners

List of topics Appium tutorial for beginners

How to automate mobile web application in Appium/Selenium

How to automate Native application in mobile using Appium/Selenium

How to scroll in mobile devices using Appium/Selenium


Appium with MAC OS

Automate Mobile web Application in IOS Device using Safari Browser using Selenium  (New)


Appium tutorial for beginners

Appium Introduction



Appium Installation part 1


Appium Installation part 2


Execute Selenium test on Android Real device using Appium