Selenium Webdriver tutorial for beginners

If you are searching for Selenium Webdriver tutorial  then your search ends here. You can find the number of different topics which you will find in your day to day activity while doing automation. Selenium Webdriver is one of trending topic nowadays for Automation field and it is a highest paying job as well.

To learn Selenium Webdriver you should have at least one programming language. Currently, Selenium Webdriver is most popular with Java and C# so if you  know any of the languages then it won’t be tough.

I have published some of the Java Videos on YouTube which will give you a quick start to learning Selenium Webdriver. Once you are done with Basic Selenium Webdriver then you can switch to Advance Selenium Tutorial with advanced Java topics.

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Module 1-Selenium Webdriver tutorial

Setup the Environment- Setup Java, Eclipse, Selenium, TestNG

Download and Install Java

Configure Setup-Eclipse,Selenium,TestNG

Eclipse Tips and  Tricks


Module 2-Selenium Webdriver tutorial

Execute testcases in firefox browser using Selenium Webdriver

New- Start Firefox in Selenium 3 using Gecko driver

Start Firefox Browser in MAC Machine using Selenium Webdriver

Guide to execute testcases in Chrome browser using Selenium Webdriver

Start Chrome Browser in MAC machine using Selenium Webdriver

Remove or Disable Developer add-on in Chrome while running Selenium Test (New)

Hide or Block pop-up notification in Chrome browser during Selenium Test Execution (New)

How to execute testcases in IE browser using Selenium Webdriver

Execute your Selenium Webdriver Test on Microsoft Edge Browser

Challenges with IE browser in Selenium Webdriver

XPath plugin for Firefox 

Complete stydy of Dynamic XPath in Selenium

Write your own CSS in selenium to make script faster 

XPath plugin for Chrome

How to verify Page title in Selenium Webdriver

How to work with Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Webdriver

Handle Basic Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver

Handle BootStrap Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver

How to work with file uploader or How to upload file in Selenium (using Robot class)

How to work with file uploader or How to upload file in Selenium (using AutoIT)

How to upload multiple files in Selenium using AutoIT

Guide to perform Drag and Drop in Selenium

How to perform Advance activity in Selenium like- Mouse Hover, RightClick, DoubleClick, Keyboard Event

Implicit wait in selenium Webdriver

Explicit Wait in Selenium Webdriver

Fluent Wait in Selenium Webdriver

Create custom library to solve sync issues in Selenium Webdriver


Selenium Webdriver tutorial


Module 3-Selenium Webdriver tutorial

How to capture error message in Selenium Webdriver.

How to Handle Multiple Windows in Selenium Webdriver

How to handle frames in Selenium Webdriver

How to handle Alert in Selenium Webdriver

Handle BootStrap Model Dialog in Selenium WebDriver

How to handle Calender in Selenium Webdriver

How to capture Screenshot in Selenium

Capture screenshots in Selenium using Robot class

How to capture screenshots of failed test cases in Selenium Webdriver

How to use Robot class in Selenium

How to generate log file in Selenium Webdriver using Log4j

What is Webdriver Listener and How to implement Listener in Selenium Webdriver

How to capture tooltip in Selenium Webdriver

How to handle Proxy in Selenium Webdriver

Simple steps to start default Selenium session in Firefox

How to Handle Untrusted Certificate in Selenium or How to handle SSL Certificate in Selenium

How to scroll page in Selenium Webdriver

How to scroll into view in Selenium or Handle particular scroll bar in Selenium

How to get Current System date and time in Selenium

How to run failed test cases automatically in Selenium

Handle Hidden WebElements in Selenium Webdriver  (Video)


Module 4- Selenium Webdriver tutorial

How to Execute Selenium test from command prompt

How to download files in Selenium Webdriver.

How to highlight Element in Selenium or Selenium Element highlighter

How to solve Maven issue in Selenium

How to handle Exception in Webdriver

Solution for java.lang.illegalstateexception in Selenium Webdriver

How to handle Element not visible exception

How to Handle Element is not Clickable in x,y coordinate 

Solution for sendkeys(CharSequence) in Selenium

How to Handle Stale element reference exception in Selenium Webdriver

How to handle JQuery in not a function exception

Guide to solve Invalid State Elememt Exception in Selenium

How to perform Flash testing in Selenium using youtube API

Javascript with Webdriver 

Difference between findElement and findElements in Selenium Webdriver

How to find broken links in Selenium Webdriver


Web Services Testing



Selenium Webdriver Tutorial for Beginners

Program to count number of occurrences of word in a string



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