How to run Selenium Wbdriver test in IE browser in Simple way

Hello Welcome to Selenium tutorial, today we will see How to run selenium webdriver test in IE browser and Recently Selenium started supporting Microsoft Edge browser as well which is added advantage for Windows 10 users.

Selenium by default supports only Firefox browser so we don’t have to set the path for firefox browser.For another browser like Chrome, Opera, Safari we have to use third party driver which you can easily download from Selenium official website.

Selenium support Headless browser testing as well.


Check out below post as well before moving to IE Browser

Challenges you will face while working with IE browser



Refer complete youtube video for the same




How to run selenium webdriver test in IE browser


Step 1-Download IE driver for Selenium


Depends on your system requirement download the respective driver for Windows 32 download driver 32-bit driver same applies for 64 as well


How to run selenium webdriver test in IE browser

How to run selenium webdriver test in IE browser

A download window will open, wait till the download complete. Once you get zip file unzip the same you will get IEDriverServer.exe


Step 2- Write script for IE browser in Selenium

As we have seen in the last post for chrome, we talked about exception also same applies for IE also.

We need to set variable

Program for running IE Browser using Selenium

 Step 3- Run Program using Java application-

Right click on program> run as >Java application



run selenium webdriver test in IE browser

run selenium webdriver test in IE browser


Your program will fail because we haven’t set IE driver path so let’s set the path using setProperty method



Now your program will run successfully. 🙂

Some key point while working with IE Browser in Selenium.

  • IE browser is slow as compared to other browsers.
  • Your browser zooming level should be set to 100 % otherwise, you will get an exception.
  • You have to check your security setting also in IE. While running IE browser in Selenium your all zones should be either enabled or disabled. If not then again you will get an exception and your test cases will fail.

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