How to create Test Case in Katalon Studio using Record and Play

If you have worked with Selenium or any other open source tools, then you must have faced lots of challenges and issues, which pull you down to complete your test automation.

You may have also used a couple of frameworks to complete your scripts. As you know, building a framework is a very tedious process and it takes so much time and requires expertise.

We may face some of these common challenges while creating test scripts using Selenium:

1- Handling dynamic elements

2- Manually finding object paths

3- Syncing issues

4- Creating test frameworks from scratch and much more.



Now I have a solution for you. Let me introduce one of the most interesting and powerful tools which will solve your test automation problems – Katalon Studio.

Recently, I have started working with Katalon Studio, and currently, it’s one of the most powerful tools for test automation in the market.

What is Katalon?

Katalon is an Open Source Test Automation tool by KMS Technology. Katalon It is very simple, easy to use GUI which allow non-technical user also to write the test.

Katalon is built on top of Selenium and Appium also it will remove the complexities which make tester more comfortable. Katalon basic platform is Eclipse only so you will get the same feel while working with Katalon.

Features of Katalon Studio

1- Katalon allows us to automate Web Application, Mobile Application, and API Testing.

2- Open Source – Download and Start using right now.

3- In Build Library which saves lots of time for a tester.

4-  Record and Playback for Web and Mobile Application.

5-  Katalon has several features like



Creation of Test Case – Creating Test Suite, Test Suite and capture objects using Object Spy like QTP.

Running of Test-  Execution is quite easy using quick buttons. It also allows us to run our test in a different configuration. We can trigger the test in sequential mode or parallel mode.

Maintenance – It automatically creates object repository and maintains our test object which makes maintenance very easy.

We can segregate Test Data, Object repository, Library, Test Cases, Test Suites.

Integration with Git and GitHub, Jenkins integration and so on.

Report-   Katalon creates reports automatically and we can export the report in different formats Like CSV, HTML, PDF and so on.

It also adds the screenshot in a report on failure.

The most important feature which I love the most which allow us to send email report with or without attachment. It also has in build template which is very effective so you just changed some configuration and you are ready to go.

Let me guide you how to start with Katalon Studio.

In this post, I will show you how to install in MAC system you can also try in Windows System as well.

Install in Windows- Installation is quite easy in windows. After download you will get zip file. Just unzip the file and run the katalon.exe file to get started.


                                         I also have detailed video on Katalon Studio on YouTube


  1. Download Katalon and install in MAC


  1. Katalon Intro


2- Fill the form and download the file

Fill form of Katalon


Note- Please keep note of all details because we need these details for activation of tool.

3-Once download complete. Click on .dmg file and below screen will appear. Just install like normal application.

4-Start Katalon and if you are getting below option then make below settings.


Install Katalon on MAC


Unable to Open Katalon


Open Preference



Click Security



Open Anyway


5- Start Katalon and wait. It will take few second to start for the first time.

Wait for Katalon to Start

Once Katalon starts it will ask you to activate the product. Just enter the credentials which we created while downloading the Katalon.

Activate Product


6- Skip guide if you wish

Skip guide


7- Create new project from scratch (You can also use demo project)

Create Project


8-  Enter Project Details


Enter name


9-  Once the project is created you will get default structure.

Project Structure


Keyword of Katalon


Structure will have below folders

Test Case- This will have all test cases and you can also create sub folders inside this based on your requirement

Object Repository- This will have all locators which is captured by Katalon and manually captured locators.

Test Suite-  This will have all Test Suite which you will create (Must use feature).

Checkpoints- Checkpoint is the snapshot of test data taken at a specific time. A checkpoint is used to verify whether the current state of the data source is different from its previous taken state. (Official blog)

Keyword- You can create your custom keywords and call them based on your need.

Report- Last and most important it will contain all report and you can customize the reports too based on your requirement.


How to create Test Case in Katalon Studio

10- Start recording the script.

How to create Test Case in Katalon Studio


11-  Just provide the application url and which browser to use to start recording.


Record Option


 12- Once you are done with steps. Open Katalon and click on Stop button and click on OK button.



Stop Recording




13-Once you click on stop and provide test case name and click on OK button.

Enter TestCase name


Once you click on Ok button you will get your script ready in tabular format which is easy to understand and you will make the changes as well.


TestCase Created


14- If you want to see the same in script mode then click on Script option and you will get below script.


Manual Mode


15- Finally let’s run the script and run on specific browser based on your need.



16-  You can check the test status now. You can also check the report and you can export the report in the different format. (will cover report in upcoming section)

Check Report


I will highly recommend this for automation. Start using and share your thought and feedback.

I will publish more videos and post on Katalon so stay tuned.

You can also check Katalon Forum and Stay updated.


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