SOAPUI Tutorial for beginners

Welcome to SOAPUI Tutorial for beginners series and I hope this course will help you to understand the basic concept of API testing.

Before starting the actual series I would like to talk about what exactly you mean by API testing or Web services testing and we will also discuss why companies are moving from GUI Testing to Web services testing.


  • GUI/ UI / Web application testing – You will get these terminology multiple times and it’s commonly used in the market . As the name says in this testing we only test the UI part of the application which means we will test complete user interface and we will also the functionality. For example- You need to test one application in which when a user clicks on Pay Now button then a user will be redirected to the payment gateway and can make the payment and finally get the confirmation message.
  • Web Services Testing






SoapUI Tutorial for beginners

Video 1- Introduction to Web Services- 






Video 2-  Download and Install SoapUI 









Video 3- First SoapUI Test Case