Advance Selenium Reporting with Screenshots Part 2

As we all know TestNG default reports are not attractive.I have new topic Advance reporting Selenium using extent report.Recently we got the new version of Extent report that we have used earlier and we have seen how we can use it.

If you have not checked the previous version of extent test then refer below article that will help you to understand what is Extent report.

Advance Selenium report with Screenshot part 1



You can check the detailed description about extent report from here- Extent Report Documentation

I created a detailed youtube video on this that will help you to Achieve the same.


But before moving forward you should know some of the features that we are going to use in this video.

How to capture screenshot in Selenium

How to capture screenshot in failure only


Advance reporting Selenium with Screenshots


Download Extent report

1- Open and Download Java version 2.40.2

Advance reporting Selenium



2- Once download completes, unzip the file.


3- After unzip you will get lib folder and 1 additional jar.


4- You have to add all jars mentioned below and then run the below program.


Advance reporting Selenium

Now once you are done with above two Video’s now start implementing Version 2





Please refer the code which we discussed in above video

Advance reporting Selenium with Screenshots Part 2


I have not written much for this post because already we have covered the same in past.

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