How to use Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver in Selenium 3

Good news for Selenium users, Recently Selenium has launched Selenium 3 with so many new changes.In this post I will show you how to use Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver which will run the test.

You can check the new changes in Selenium 3 beta version.

If you are using Selenium 3 then to work with Firefox browser you need to use separate a driver which will interact with Firefox browser. If you have noticed then we have done the same thing for Chrome and IE browser as well.

One important thing in this post is even if you are using Firefox beta version then it will work. If you are using firefox 47 and so on then it will work.

We have used below system property for Chrome and IE for Chrome browser for IE browser

Now we have to use webdriver.gecko.driver for Firefox as well 🙂


Note- if you are still using Selenium 2 like 2.53 and 2.51 or any version then you don’t have to set this path.

Let’s run a basic program with Selenium 3 beta version

Program 1 without any driver

Output console

The path to the driver executable must be set by the webdriver.gecko.driver system property;

Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver

As you can see to work with Firefox we have to set the property now.  You can download the driver from Github and then you can extract and you will get .exe file.

Download URL –

Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver

Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver

Youtube- Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver 

Complete program for Firefox in Selenium using geckodriver

Now you can run the program and you will get expected output.

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