Automate Mobile native applications using Appium/Selenium

Today in this post you will get the complete information about how you can automate native application using Appium


In previous, article we have already discussed installation and running tests on mobile chrome browser so before reading this article it is must to complete the previous post.


Once you are done you need to download the apk file which you want to test.

In Android application extension is .apk file.

In IOS application extension is .ipa file. 


I have uploaded the same tutorial on YouTube



 Steps to Automate Native application using Appium


  • Download .apk file for android device
  • Install in your device using ADB
  • Set .apk file in Appium and get the details about application which is required to run your test.
  • Write a test to launch the application on real device
  • Perform some action on application. (We will perform sendkeys i.e typing)



Download .apk file Appium


I have found an easy application which contains almost all kind of web elements.

Visit and download .apk  file.


Download apk file for testing



Make sure Appium server is off.

Click on Android ICON.


Check the checkbox before application path

Browse the .apk file which we downloaded at 1st step.


Run the Appium server

Click on Android ICON.

Copy Package and Launch activity.





We need to deploy application in our local device as well.

Open cmd

Type  > adb devices

This will display the device which is connected.


Type > adb install give-apk-file-path-with-application





Once it is deployed to your  device you will get a success message.





 Program to automate Native application using Appium




Run the program and enjoy the native test automation.


This is just a small program just to make sure everything is up and running.

I took very basic application to automate Native application using Appium but you can take any application and perform the same step.


In next article I will cover how you can perform other activity on application using xpath and other ways.

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