Difference between Selenium IDE RC Grid and Webdriver

Do you know the exact Difference between Selenium IDE RC  Grid and Webdriver and which version is used in industry?

Today we will discuss the differences in details in tabular format, one of the blog has shared the view in very structured manner. I will share the link at the end of this post.

Before comparison just have a quick history about all.

Selenium has started in 2004 and it is designed by ThoughtWorks (they have one of the branch in Koramangala Bangalore). Later on it is OpenQA has taken and maintaining till now.

Selenium Started in with Add-on in firefox which is known as Selenium IDE and trust me it is one of the most popular Addon in market.

It gives you flexibility to convert your code into multiple languages and use it accordingly.

Now you will get plenty of Add-on  that you can integrate with Selenium IDE itself and you can use it.

Some plugin that I used  with IDE is screenshot on failure, highlighter, export code into excel and  so on.


But Selenium IDE has some of the limitation like


1- It is only available in Firefox so we can record your script in firefox only.

2- Selenium IDE does not have good reporting feature which generally we use for reporting to managers and lead or Team.

3- Selenium IDE does not support parallel execution which is one of the most important features of Automation.

4- Selenium IDE does not support remote execution as well.


Selenium RC – Selenium 1

Selenium team was totally aware of all this limitations so in 2007 they came with another version which covers almost all the limitation of Selenium IDE.

Selenium team released new version called Selenium RC. Here RC stands for remote control.

Selenium RC is not another tool or plugin it is just library which contains several packages classes interfaces and methods.

Selenium RC had so many features like

1- It supports almost all browser which is available in the market.

2- We can easily integrate Selenium RC with TestNG which makes Selenium more powerfull.

3-  Selenium RC having very good reporting feature with the help of TestNG.

4- Now we can do execution in parallel which the help of TestNG. We can pass multiple parameters, data driven and all the features which TestNG have.

5- Selenium RC came with Remote execution which we can achieve through Selenium grid.

Selenium Grid 1.0

It is very big topic to explain but I will give a quick intro about Grid.

Selenium Grid has node and hub concept which works in Client-Server architecture concept.

We can create one central hub which can connect multiple Node .

Node can be different machine like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS and so on.

I will create another post with video which will cover all this in details.


Limitations of Selenium RC

It seems like Selenium RC was very powerfull and does not have any limitations but no Selenium RC also had some limitations which were

1- It generally interact with Server it means everytime you run script it will send request to server then server will communicate with browsers.

Performance was an issue here.

2- Since 2010 Mobile industry is leading in market so Selenium RC was  not capable to perform.


Note- Selenium RC officially deprecated now in market.

Difference between Selenium IDE RC  Grid and Webdriver


Selenium Webdriver- Selenium 2


Selenium Webdriver came in 2011 and It supports all the feature of Selenium RC and additionally they have following benefits.

 1- They removed server part from it so performance not an issue in Webdriver. It means simply write your code and it will directly communicate with browsers.

2- Selenium Webdriver supports Mobile Automation as well which make Selenium more powerfull. Currently Selendroid and Appium are present which allow us to automate IOS and Android application.

Soon Webriver will launch API for other platforms too.



Selenium Grid – 2.0

If you are using Grid with Selenium Webdriver.



I found this article very useful and would like to share this. This post contains information in tabular format which will be easy to compare.

Link- http://www.softwaretestingclass.com/difference-between-selenium-ide-rc-webdriver/


If you think I missed some point or any point which you want me to explain in separate post then comment below.

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