Eclipse Tips and Tricks

In Selenium we will be playing with Eclipse as well so you should be familiar with some basic tips and tricks.

In this post we will see some of the tricks.

1-Export existing project as zip file in Eclipse .

2-Export existing project as jar file in Eclipse

3-Clean Project in Eclipse.

4-How to change font size and color in Eclipse.

5- Restart Eclipse


Export existing project in Eclipse-


Eclipse comes with very good feature like import or export any existing project.

Simply follow below steps to export project


Step 1- Select project, right click on project, and click on export

Eclipse Tips and Tricks



Step 2- Now you have option to export as zip file or jar files, in this will export as zip file

Eclipse Tips and Tricks




Step 3- Select the project (By default it will be Selected) and the location where you want to export this file.

Eclipse Tips and Tricks




Step 4- Check your project has been exported.


Eclipse Tips and Tricks

 Export project in Eclipse as an Jar file


We can export Selenium project as a jar file also using the same steps by doing small changes


Step 1- Select project and right click on project and  click on export.



Eclipse Tips and Tricks






Step 2-Click on Java > JAR file > Click on Next Button.


Eclipse Tips and Tricks






Step 3-Click Browse button and specify the location.

Eclipse Tips and Tricks


Eclipse Tips and Tricks


Note- Depends on your choice we can change the location.




Step 4- Project has been exported, you can check the jars.



Eclipse Tips and Tricks


Clean Project in Eclipse

How to Clean Project in Eclipse

Since Eclipse is freeware tool so sometime it does not work as per your requirement and some point still point to old location in this case we can clean our project

When you face any inconsistency with Eclipse then clean your project or restart eclipse.


Step 1- Open Eclipse and Click on Project and Click on Clean


Eclipse Tips and Tricks
Step 2- Now you will get two options- You can select based on your choice

Clean all projects- This will clean the entire project on project explorer


Clean selected project- This will clean only Selected project


Eclipse Tips and Tricks




Change font size and color in Eclipse.


Eclipse comes with default font size and color standard so in case if you want to change it then yes we can change easily in 2 Steps



1-   Open Eclipse > Click on Window > Click on Preferences.

Eclipse Tips and Tricks



Step 2- Click on General > Click on Appearance > Click on Color and Fonts > in right side Click on Basic.


Eclipse Tips and Tricks


Step 3- Once you click on Basics > Now Select Text font and Click on Edit button.



Eclipse Tips and Tricks




Step 4- Now Select Font size and color based on your choice and Click on Ok

We are done now.


Eclipse Tips and Tricks



Restart Eclipse-

When you face some issue with Eclipse so don’t close directly, better to restart eclipse

Go to File > Select Restart


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