How to run Appium/Selenium test android chrome browser

Recently I got a new requirement in my organization to execute all our Selenium test in Android and IOS devices.

We found so many tools Open source and Paid tools as well and we did POC on multiple tools.

Finally, we decided to go with Appium and we got the very good result as well.

Before moving further, I would suggest you go through Appium official site and try to explore the site as much you can.

Appium Official Site-



If you are completely new to Mobile Automation then you must watch video which will describe you about Appium Introduction,

Different kind of Mobile application which Appium can support (Native, Hybrid, Mobile Web View)





You need to install a couple of things before working with Appium.In this post, I will mainly focus on Appium with Windows only.

Note- If you are working with MAC machine the configuration will change soon I will post the complete setup of Appium with Mac machine.

The thing you should have before working with Appium.

1-  Java

2- Eclipse

3- Selenium WebDriver Jar –  Above 3 can be done through this link.

4- Appium Java Client

5- Appium(Server)

6- NodeJS

7- Android SDK

8- PDANet in Machine and in mobile as well.

9- GenyMotion if planning for Virtual Devices or Real Device

10- Microsoft .net framework.




This list looks quite big but the setup is quite easy but time-consuming and once you are done with setup next time it will hardly take 2 min to start you Mobile test.

I have created a short video which will guide you how to do all setup after downloading and I will recommend you to use the same setting which I did in my system.



Actual Scenario –

In below program, Appium will start mobile chrome browser and will perform the actions based on the script that we have written.

In code, we will use Android version as well so you should be familiar with API Level of android version.

For example- Android 5.1.1 has API Level 22 and Android 6.0 has API Level 23 and so on.

I found a very nice article which talks about all Android Version History.



Finally run Appium/Selenium test in android chrome Browser

Complete Selenium program for Android Chrome Browser Execution


Hope you have enjoyed above article then please share with your friends and comment below with feedback and suggestion.


In next article, I will show you how you can test native application on android devices and trust me you will love it.


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