How to perform Flash Testing with Selenium Webdriver

Hello, Welcome to Selenium Tutorials, In this post, we will see how to perform Flash testing with selenium.

Flash Testing with Selenium

If you ask me that do we have some plugin for this or some additional classes then my answer is no. We have to write separate code for this and we have to use the same. I have added a jar file in this post which contains the code already so you can directly use the same.

Partially we can do the same using Sikuli as well which is used for Game animation as well. This is mostly asked interview questions as well.


Sometime in your application, you may find some scenario where you need to check particular video as working as per expectation or not, to test this type of application we need to write some script to check the functionality of flash.

How to do Flash Testing with Selenium

We have some pre-defined method available for you tube flash application for example
1- pauseVideo
2- playVideo
3- mute, unmute etc.

so we will use some of these methods and try to explore the same

Note- in case your application use some other flash content please ask the developer to provide documentation of the same.

1- Download Flash jar – Click here

2- Download complete source code-Click here

3- Please read YouTube API. Methods-


Program for- Flash Testing with Selenium


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