How to install Testng in eclipse using Marketplace

In Selenium you have to use some Unit testing framework like JUnit or TestNG. I will guide you how you can install testng in eclipse using simple steps.

There are 2 ways to install this but I generally prefer using Marketplace of Eclipse.


Install Testng in eclipse for Selenium

  1. Start eclipse
  2. Go to help section
  3. Click on Eclipse Marketplace install testng in eclipse


  1. Search for TestNG install testng in eclipse 1
  2. Hit Enter or click on Search Option
  3. Click on install
  4. It will start downloading and It will ask to restart the Eclipse.


  1. install testng in eclipse
  2. Now you can use TestNG feature in Eclipse.


Note- Once you install TestNG plugin it will store testng.jar so once you start Selenium then you don’t have to use or import jar again in your project.