Complete guide to set Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver

Whenever you talk about repository by the name itself you can think that it is kind of storage. Object repository is the collection of object and object here is locator.Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver is quite easy to design so let’s get started.

Here locator means web element id, name, CSS, XPath, class name etc.

Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver

To understand an importance of Object repository, we will take real time scenario.

The scenario is you have 100 test cases and in all test cases, you have login scenario. If your application changes now and some locator changes like id changes from email to login email then you have to modify all the test cases and you have to change the id.


This process does not make any sense so to overcome with this we will move all locator in a separate file and we will link all test cases to this file. In case any changes happen in our locator we will simply change in that file, not our test cases.


This will increase the modularity of test cases and I will strongly suggest that you should use Object Repository in Automation.

I have uploaded video on same.


Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver- Selenium Tutorial


1- Project should be created and Selenium jars should be added- Click here to configure .

2- Now create a new file and give file name as Object_Repo (depends on you)with extension .properties

For this right click on project > create a new file > Specify name


Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver


Select folder and specify name & extension

Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver


3- Now file is created > Double click on file > File will open in Edit mode

Object repository works on KEY and Value pair so we will specify Keys based on our project and in values we will give locator value.

In below example, I have taken xpath for username,password and loginbutton for facebook loginpage.

Key you can write based on your project standard, but value should be correct which is coming from application



Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver


4- Write Selenium script and use the same in script

Object Repository in Selenium Webdriver- Selenium Tutorial

package ObjectRepoExample;



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