Solution for sendkeys(CharSequence) in Selenium

If you are working with Selenium and if SendKeys is not working in Selenium then you have to do small settings which will fix your issue.

Please refer below screenshot for the exact problem statement.


SendKeys is not working in Selenium


Solution if SendKeys is not working in Selenium

Problem Statement for sendkeys(CharSequence) in Selenium

This is one of the most common problems for guys who are new in Selenium Webdriver. If you are on this issue then do not worry there are some configuration changes only that I will show you in next few minutes.


Sometimes while creating project compiler version will be below 1.5 version so Selenium method that is sendKeys will not able to read by the compiler so we need to upgrade the compiler version to 1.5 and above.


The error which will come is

” sendKeys (CharSequence) from the type Webelement refers to the missing type charSequence



Solution for sendkeys(CharSequence) in Selenium

you will be happy to know that we have two solutions for this I will tell you the first one in detail and the second one is quite easy that you can try from the end as well.

1- Change the compiler version from old version to 1.5 or greater.

2- Change the JRE version from JRE8 to JRE7.



How to change the compiler version

1- Right click on project 


SendKeys is not working in Selenium


2- Click on Java Compiler to 1.5 or later


sendkey issue detected


3- Check the latest version or select from dropdown


Save changes


4- Now you are done. Go back to the program and you will notice no error will be present.


Selenium issue fixed

If you are still finding any issue while creating scripts in Selenium webdriver just comment below. We all are here to help each other.



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