Advance Selenium Reporting with Screenshots

Before moving to actual post hats off to the developer who actually developed this jar for advanced reporting.

You must be wondering that why we need custom reporting because till now we have covered so many type of reporting like Default reporting by TestNG and XSLT report via ANT.

Version 2 is updated. Kindly use new version 2 for new features.

Before moving to this article lets see what exactly we will get.


Watch youtube video for the same

Advance Selenium Reporting with screenshot

Advance Selenium Reporting with screenshot


Advance Selenium Reporting

Advance Selenium Reporting



Advance Selenium Reporting Advance Selenium Reporting 3


Advance Selenium Reporting 4


Advance Selenium Reporting 6


How to generate Advance Selenium Reporting

Check out the below article if you have not covered during previous post.

Default report in Selenium using TestNG

Generate XSLT report via ANT

I loved this reporting which allows me generate log inside report and we can attach screenshot as well at run time and some other features as well.

Features of Extent Report

  • Allow is to generate logs inside HTML.
  • Generate PIE Chart based on test case status.
  • Generate Step summary.
  • We can filter reports depends on status.
  • It provides execution history.
  • It fetches system details like OS, Java Version, and Memory and so on.
  • Allow us the attach screenshot in report that is most important feature.



1- Open any browser

2-Navigate to below url and click on download link to get jar file which we have to add into our project to get Custom report.

url –


Advance Selenium Reporting

After downloading you will get a zip file which you have to unzip. After unzipping you will get a jar file which we have to add into our project.

Advance Selenium Reporting


If you are new to eclipse and don’t know how to add jars then check below post which helps you to get familiar which Eclipse IDE

Eclipse tips and tricks


Program for Advance Selenium Reporting

Now we are done with configuration so let’s see how we can generate reports via extent report

After execution you can check report in path which you have mentioned in program.

Output/ Sample report

Advance Selenium Reporting 6


In above program you have to add code for screenshot which will be added in reports.

Check out the below post how we can capture screenshot and how to create reusable action to reuse code.

How to take screenhsot in Selenium

It is very good and fast plugin/jar so can not cover all in one shot so you can check documentation of as well and try to explore as much possible.

Link for documentation-

Soon I will be creating part 2 of above post.

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