Complete Guide to Setup and Configure Jenkins with Selenium

Have you ever seen Jenkins with selenium? Welcome to Jenkins post we have seen so many things in the last post about maven integration and GitHub integration now let us create a build and run through Jenkins. Before moving to integration, part let’s have a short intro about Jenkins


Selenium with Jenkins Integration

Jenkins with Maven and Selenium

What is Jenkins

  • Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool which is written in Java
  • Jenkins was originally developed as the Hudson project. So if you ever see Hudson then it will be known as Jenkins CI Tool. Hudson’s creation started in summer of 2004 at Sun Microsystems. It was first released in in Feb. 2005.

Know more about Jenkins


Jenkins with Selenium

  • When your test cases are ready and you want to handover to the client or manual testing team so that they can trigger these test cases using single click then Jenkins is the best choice.
  • Using Jenkins we can create a build (Build – set of Test case combined together) and we can run easily using a batch file or Git or build.xml or SVN etc.
  • In Jenkins, we can schedule the build periodically

Example- You want to run 100 Test case daily at 10 pm then Jenkins will take care      of this based on our pattern it will trigger your build

  • Email-Notification- Jenkins provide notification emails to once build passed or failed to respective recipients (Depends on t configuration)

Before starting if you have been having Eclipse , TestNG and if you are using Excel sheets or CSV then these jars should be ready.


We will divide full tutorial into the following section.

1- Download Jenkins (War file)

2- Configure Jenkins for Running Build (Configure Java,Email notification)

3- Execute Selenium build using Jenkins (Using batch command)

4- Schedule Jobs in Jenkins to run periodically using cron pattern.

We can integrate Jenkins with Selenium, Maven, Git, Github and other tools we can like Sahi, Telerik etc.

So lets start Jenkins Integration with Selenium




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