Selenium Video Tutorials

Selenium Video tutorials and other tutorials can help you to get a better job or you can perform well in your existing job as well.I have created 3 playlist which covers Java,Selenium, Cucumber BDD,Appium, SoapUI.

Please check the below playlist and feel free to comment in case any doubt/issue/clarification.


Selenium Video tutorials

Some introduction about my YouTube videos- I started youtube videos 3 years back I have uploaded all videos based on my experiences and you may also find some videos are old so some tools UI will change but the concepts will remain same.

I would suggest you go through videos one by one without skipping any video because you don’t know one video can change your complete interview as well.

Selenium Video tutorials

How to start Selenium Video tutorials

Step 1-Sit back and Start with Java videos and practice each and every concept because we will use all of them one by one in Selenium Webdriver lesson.

Selenium or any other tool is not one day task so you have to keep practicing and learn new thing daily.

Step 2- Once you are done with Java now you can start with Selenium Basic videos and start automating them one by one and if you get stuck then post your doubt in my Selenium Facebook group 

Step 3- Once you are done with Selenium videos then dont stop here. If you check current market condition then you should know multiple tools not only Selenium so after Selenium I would suggest you to Appium for mobile automation.

If you know Selenium then appium will not take much time because we can use all Selenium libraries here.

Step 4- After Appium you can start Cucumber BDD framework (most popular). Cucumber use Selenium only so you won’t find much issues here.

Step 5- It’s time to start API/ Web Services Testing with SoapUI.

If you can follow this then you will become complete package for Test Automation.

Java tutorials for Selenium Webdriver


Selenium Webdriver Tutorial Playlist

Appium Tutorial for Mobile Automation


Cucumber-JVM Videos- BDD Framework


SoapUI Tutorial for Web Services Automation





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